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    Staff concerns






        Top tips


          • Phrase books, dictionaries in the minority languages most used by patients
          • Point It Traveller’s Language Kit by Dieter Graf or the similar Wordless Travel Book by Jonathan Meader, costing about a fiver they’re a bargain, or as we say in Yiddish, a metsiyah


          Distressedor Depressed Patients






                • Psychological Perspectives on Distress and Unusual Experiences, by Coles S and Houghton P, 2012
                • The abandoned illness: a report from the Schizophrenia Commission,2012
                • The traumatic neurodevelopmental model of psychosis revisited, by Read J, Fosse R, Moskowitz A, Perry B, 2014
                • Beyond Belief, by Tamasin Knight, 2009



                  • VERA framework communicating with people who have dementia, by Blackhall A et al, Nursing Standard 26, 10, 35-39



                  Borderline Personality Disorder



                  People with learning disabilities



                      • If Disney Ran Your Hospital – Fred Lee


                      Star Wards stuff


                        Other great resources

                          • Keeping everyone as safe as possible is a basic goal for any community. Keeping everyone as safe as possible also takes thought and effort: